FIR - X5

Utilizing the unique characteristics of Far-Infrared Rays, VAL6 can now truly reach every market.

Compared to Near-Infrared, Far-Infrared exists on a completely different part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Unique characteristics that set it apart from other wavelengths that may contribute to higher heat absorption.

Featuring Intelligent Control by continuously adapting intensity to the environment, X5 can avoid full shut-off heat cycles.


Combustion Tube: Benefits over Radiation Disk design

• Enclosed Flame
• Greater Surface Area
• Lower surface temperature
• Low Operating Noise

World-Class VAL6 efficiency has advanced even farther with X5. Leading to greater fuel savings.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art combustion control system, X5 will intelligently modulate intensity in order to maintain the target temperature with enhanced precision.

Hotspots have now been eliminated with X5’s balanced heat. Safety and Proximity have been maximized without compromising on heating performance.

Item/Model FIR - X5
Heat Output

60,100 ~ 75,100 BTU/h



Fuel Consumption

0.42~0.53 Gal/hr

Tank Capacity

8 Gallons

Continuous Operating Time

17.7~14 Hours

Power Source


Power Consumption

Ignition: 109 Watts

Operation: 75~89 Watts

External Dimensions

46 x 59.6 x 13.6 inches

Safety Features

Flame Monitor

Overheat Protection

Tip-Over Switch

Motor Overheat Protection


Motor Rotation Detection

High/Low Voltage Detection

Power Outage Safety

Carbon Monoxide Density



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