About Us

J.S.O'Will, Inc. is a sales arm for the Val6 Infrared Heaters manufactured by Shizuoka Seiki.

J.S.O'Will, Inc. has a primary location just outside of Seattle, Washington and its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.  Our warehouses are located in Torrance and Long Beach California.

The manufacturing plant, located in Shizuoka, Japan, has been in existence for over a 100 years.

The first Val6 heater was manufactured in 1974. Known for their quality and efficiency, the Val6 heaters quickly established themselves as the #1 industrial portable space heater in Japan for the last 40 years and as the most established infrared space heater in Europe for over 35 years.

J.S.O'Will, Inc. is here to serve all Val6 users, anytime, anywhere. Technical sales training, as well as supply of sales aids and materials and trade show support are readily available. Products and parts are available through J.S.O'Will, Inc. and our nationally established distributors/dealers.  

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VAL6 Video

Learn more about the many advantages of owning a VAL6 heater by watching our video, and learn how you can "own the sun".

In this video, we will show you how VAL6 compared to popular conventional heaters in a host of experiments testing:  heating ability under various conditions, noise level, fuel efficiency, and more!  You will also learn about radiation and infrared heat, as we show you how VAL6 heaters use the same heating principles as the sun in a revolutionary new way of heating.